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Harzer Rotes Hoehenvieh (special cattle breed)

In one of the last remaining karst landscapes in Germany, the town of Düna near Osterode am Harz in Lower Saxony, the Harzer Rote Höhenvieh (special cattle breed) is at home. The farmer and cattle breeder Daniel Wehmeyer owns the largest herd in Lower Saxony, which consists of about 125 animals.

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

More important than meat and milk is the landscape protection for Mr. Wehmeyer. The old cattle breed which became almost extinct in the 80th is able to survive on the meagre soil. Hard grass, thistles and brush wood are part of the stable diet of these animals.

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

The Harzer Rote Höhenvieh has been entrenched since centuries in this environment. In 1998 only 70 animals of this rare breed existed. These animals are indispensable for the last intact plaster karst landscape in Lower Saxony, which the UNESCO even protects as a biosphere reserve. This is how Mr. Wehmeyer combines nature protection with cattle breeding.


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