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Community Tettenborn

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

Image Copyright: Burkhard Schmidt

The village Tettenborn together with the district Neuhof and Steina belongs to the town Bad Sachsa since community restructuring in the year 1972.

Image Copyright: Mark und Manuela Köhler

Tettenborn's emblem shows in blue a white pole, covered with a black Wolfsangel (wolf-hook). Below a wave beam in changing colours. The village emblem is to be seen in connection with the family of Tettenborn, there the Wolfsangel lies across on the heraldic hamecon.

Image Copyright: Burkhard Schmidt

Tettenborn was first recorded in a document of the monastery Walkenried together with the knight dynasty of the same name in the year 1237. The founding of Tettenborn goes back according to the chronicles of the family Tettenborn, a sovereign with the name 'Dedo' or 'Tette' from the cortege of the Saxon Duke Wittekind.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

Tettenborn bordered directly onto the border fence of the DR until the reunification in 1989. From the 'viewing platform' in Tettenborn one could see right into the former GDR and sometimes even hear voices. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year border soldiers patrolled the GDR border.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

On the 12. November 1992, exactly three years after the border opened the border land museum opened in the village community centre in Tettenborn. The border land museum depicts the development of the German domestic border in the south Harz from 1945 to the reunification 1989. Competent guided tours are on offer for visitors.


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