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Community Neuhof

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

The little village Neuhof is situated between Bad Sachsa and Walkenried and is a district of the town Bad Sachsa. On the way from Bad Sachsa to Neuhof one sees on the left hand side the Saxon stone wall. The Saxon stone wall is from a ca. 260 m year old Werra anhydrite. At the northern area of the Saxon stone is the ruin of the Saxon castle located, which was destroyed in the year 1074.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

At the village entrance of Neuhof one can see the welcome sign with the emblem of the village Neuhof.
In gold, a black beam cross covered with a gold coloured abbott pole with silver velum,
which in turn is covered with a horizontal silver carp.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

The monument of the trolley cable railway was inaugurated in July 2002 and reminds of gypsum mining in Neuhof

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

The St. Antonius-chapel in Neuhof was built in 1323 and was replaced by a new building at the end of the 17th-century.
Neuhof is part of the rural district Blankenburg, before it came to the town of Bad Sachsa through the community restructuring law in 1972 ans so belonged to the rural district of Osterode at the same time.

The village community centre in Neuhof is the centre point of the village. The popular village fete takes place there annually.
Next to the village community centre is the idyllic crane pond situated.


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