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Community Osterhagen

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

The village Osterhagen with its 795 citizens (status February 2005) is the smallest district of the city Bad Lauterberg. It is situated between Bartolfelde and Bad Sachsa.

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Osterhagen was mentioned together with the church for the first time in 1257. The villlage was originally designed ringlike around the church. The present St. Martins-church was built in the years 1766/1767. But the 30m high church tower was finished in its present form in the year 1860 only.

The St. Martins-house, a community centre in Osterhagen since 1965, was built as a school in 1897.

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Through Osterhagen runs the B 243 (present east-west connection), which experienced heavy traffic since the border opening in 1989. The village community centre is the village's centre. Here events take place among others the annual shooting festival.

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The village Osterhagen also has its own voluntary fire brigade. Their fire station is adjacent to the village community centre situated.

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