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Community Uehrde

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

Ührde is a small idyllic village, situated between Osterode and Dorste. Ührde's streets are still paved with cobblestones, which gives the village a very special flair.

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Ührde was first recorded in a document from the year 1105. The village Ührde was able to celebrate its 900-year existence in the year 2005.

In the village, which belongs to the town Osterode live at he present ca.100 citizens. Ührde is also famous for the cosy country inn Sindram.

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In the 13th and 14th-century was the Ührde chapel built, which was originally a parish church of a probable independent parish.
It's present form received the originally Romanesque chapel through several reconstructions in the 16th and 17th-century.

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Since 1952 gypsum is being mined in the Ührde area.

1956 was the village school closed. It had existed since 1644.

The fire brigade in Ührde exists for more than 100 years.


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