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The community Duena

The town of Düna is the smallest community of the city of Osterode with about 140 inhabitants. Düna was already populated in the 4th year AD.
Since the reconstruction of the communities in the county district Osterode in the year 1972 also Düna has been belonging to the city of Osterode. Düna is located between Osterode and Herzberg and is reachable via the old side roads, which lead from Osterode to Herzberg.

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You can best hike through the "Hainholz" close to the Jetten cave from the car park behind Düna. The cave itself is closed to the public due to the very rare plants and the bats found in the cave. Düna is also well known for the breeding of the Harzer Rotes Höhenvieh ( Special cattle breed).

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