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Community Zorge

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

The village Zorge with a population of ca. 1.400, stretches for around 3km through the Zorge valley surrounded by different forests.

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The state approved climatic health resort Zorge is situated between 310m and 380m above sea level. Around the village are around 70 cross-country runs, a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.
Zorge was historically mentioned for the first time in the year 1249.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

In August 1853 the present St. Bartholomäus-church Zorge was consecrated. The new bell house was built by citizens opposite the church in 1828. Still today the bells chime over the valley. A little later the Harzer Werke put in a tower clock. The present clock has been working since 1894.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

The people of Zorge are very proud of the miniature bell tower, which is situated at the Uhdenberg in Zorge.

The village Zorge is also known through the building of steam locomotion.
From 1841 – 1845 the first steam locomotion for the state railway of the dukedom Brunswick-Lüneburg was built at the Zorge machine factory.

Do visit the local museum. There you get to know all about the history of the village Zorge. The local museum reminds among others the time of mining in Zorge.


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