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Community Wieda

Community of the rural district Osterode, Harz

The health climate and spa town Wieda, surrounded by forest, is located beneath the 714 metres high Stöberhais, about 350 metres above sea level and between Walkenried and Braunlage.

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With its approximately 1.700 inhabitants the town Wieda belongs to the joint community of Walkenried. The foundation of Wieda stems back to the monks of Walkenried, who founded here a glass factory in the 13th century.

The Lutheran church in Wieda does not boast a church bell tower. This bell tower was built right on top of the mountain so that the bells can be heard all over the town.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

Did you already participate at a feeding of game animals???

In the middle of the forest, at the historic station Stöberhai, regular game animal feedings take place. This station was once the station of the legendary Südharzeisenbahn (Southern Harz railway) and today the station is used as an excursion destination restaurant.

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