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Joint community Hattorf, Harz

Rural district Osterode, Harz

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

You don't know Lower Saxony's
biggest village?

'Hattorf at the Harz'.

Surrounded by charming countryside is the
state approved recreation resort 
Tight nooks and alleys are found in the centre, which surrounded by half-timbered houses are ideal for a walk.

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

 Hattorf was already first recorded in 952.

Hattorf became also famous through the poet 'Wilhelm Busch', who visited his nephew the 'Pastor Nöldecke' in Hattorf often.

A memorial place next to the old church was dedicated to him.

Around the village centre new residential estates developed which blend wonderfully into the existing landscape.
Hattorf offers plenty of holiday activities.

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

Activities around Hattorf, Harz

Well marked hiking and cycle paths are ideal for a trip.

The game reserve next to the old people's home has, apart from the native deer also Canadian buffalos.

Or you camp at the bordering camping ground ! ? !

Hattorf from the air??
Just go to the airfield and float over the countryside with a glider.

Important addresses:

Tourism Office
Verkehrsverein Hattorf e. V.
Bahnhofstr.: 6a
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 2144
Fax: +49 5584 2403

Town Hall
Otto-Escher-Str. 12
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 2090

Public Swimming Pool
Schwimmbadstr. 3
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 2104

Schulstr. 2
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 416

Bahnhofstr. 1
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 364

Protestant Parish Office
Kirchstr. 7
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 332

Catholic Parish Office
Rotenbergstr. 60
37197 Hattorf
Tel.: +49 5584 322

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