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Town Bad Lauterberg, Harz

In and around Bad Lauterberg

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

Welcome to the heath resort and holiday town Bad Lauterberg at theHarz.

The former mountain town established itself around the former castle hill in the 12.century the former seat of Count to Lutterberg.

Apart from copper, lead, zinc and ore, fluorspar has been mined until our century.

The copper-ore mine 'Sincerity' (1618 - 1737) was originally 1.125 metres long and is now accessible for 200m. There are guided toursregularly on offer.
Surrounded by South-Harzer hills (400 - 700m), Bad Lauterberg in is now located in a valley.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

Image Copyright: Axel Gömann

Lovingly restored houses as well as many shopping options form the inner city.
The health resort inBad Lauterberg at theHarz started in 1839 as a water medical institute.
The ideal climate and the excellent clean air were essential conditions for that.

Today Bad Lauterbergat theHarzoffershealth resort visitors, recreation seekers and holiday guests a great and varied choice of:

1 Health Clinic, 1 Special-clinic for diabetes- and metabolic disorders, 1 Orthopaedic Hospital with physical therapy, 11 Kneipp-Sanatoriums, 15 Kneipp-health Sanatoriums, 13 Schroth- Sanatoriums, 6 Kneipp-spa hotels, 41 private accommodations and 70 holiday apartments; also around 160 houses with ca. 4.000 beds.

The indication offer is being completed by taken the waters from the 'mineral spring'.

In several sanatoriums as well as in the 'House of the guest' taking the water with mare milk on offer.

The whole year round without a break is the health resort working.
The town's charming surrounding is also a big factor for a successful healing.The Oder-dam, 5km long, offers all water-sport options.

It is an angler's paradise and with its harbour a meeting point for camper, sailors and windsurfers.

Image Copyright: Michaela Wille

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Bad Lauterberg im Harz
Ritscherstr. 6-8
37431 Bad Lauterberg im Harz
Telephone +49 5524 853-0 (switchboard)

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